About Us

Introducing Our Business

DeWitt Barrels is a full-service reconditioning plant that has the ability to service a broad spectrum of individuals and companies. Founded in 1893, DeWitt Barrels has just moved to their new facility in Marne, Michigan. This new plant has the newest and most innovative equipment available in the industry today to recondition all types of containers. We are ready to service all of your container needs, specializing in the reconditioning of steel drums, fibre drums, plastic barrels and totes. We also deal in new containers of all types.

DeWitt Barrels was started in the Spring of 1893 when Peter DeWitt and his two sons began making and reconditioning wooden barrels. DeWitt Barrels is and has been from its inception, a family business. The business was passed from father to son and operated as a sole proprietorship until 1976 when the business was incorporated. Today the business is run by Tim, Michael & Peter DeWitt (three brothers).

DeWitt Barrels is a member of the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA). We adhere to the strict code of operating practices for reconditioning and remanufacturing steel drums, plastic drums and reprocessing intermediate bulk containers (IBC). As a member of the RIPA we are committed to support the continuing effort to improve the packaging reconditioning industry's responsible performance of its role in waste source reduction, recycling and responsible packaging management. We pledge to manage our business according to the following guiding principles. We:

  • Adhere to RIPA's Code of Operating Practice for steel drums.
  • Recognize and respond to community concerns about packaging disposal and the operations of packaging reconditioning facilities.
  • Produce packagings that are effective in safely containing all appropriate materials in transportation and storage.
  • Make health, safety and environmental considerations a priority in our planning for all existing and new processes.
  • Counsel packaging users on the state use, transportation, emptying, reuse and recycling of packagings.
  • Operate our plants in a manner that protects the environment and the health and safety our employees and the public.
  • Work with others to resolve problems created by past packaging disposal practices.
  • Participate with government and others in creating responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the community, workplace and environment.
  • Promote the principles and practices of Responsible Packaging Management by sharing our experiences and offering assistance to others who produce, use, transport or dispose of packagings.
  • Foster the integrity and reputation of the industry by refraining from publishing knowingly false, misleading or commercially disparaging statements or advertisements abut our products and services, or the products and services of competitors.

About Our Service

DeWitt Barrels is committed to providing you, the customer, with superior quality products, unbeatable service and complete confidence that we are meeting all of the environmental issues of today.

Commitment to Environmental Issues

DeWitt Barrels is the winner of Michigan's Clean Corporate Citizen Award and prides itself in our continuing efforts to comply with all aspects of todays environmental issues.

DeWitt Barrels is commited to managing environmental, health and safety issues over which it has control and/or over which it has the potential for significant influence as a result of its products, activities and services.

We will comply with all safety laws and regulations, seek to eliminate and reduce waste at the source, promote the recycling and reusable industrial packaging and maximize the reuse and recycling of waste. We will employ management systems and procedures specifically designed to continuously seek opportunities to improve our environmental health and safety performance. DeWitt Barrels, Inc. will communicate its environmental policy and performance to its employees and other internal and external stakeholders. We recognize that all of us at DeWitt Barrels have the potential to help improve our environmental, health and safety performance.